To the Authors


  • The manuscript is registered in the “Portfolio” of the Editorial Board according to its scientific area.          
  • The manuscript is considered at a meeting of the Editorial Board (Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, executive secretary). The Editorial Board members responsible for the scientific area of the manuscript. Three reviewers are appointed. 
  • The manuscript is sent to the reviewers (as hard copy or e-mail).  
  • To speed up the publication of the manuscript, reviews with scanned signatures of reviewers received by e-mail are accepted.

 Reviews are considered at the Editorial Board Bureau:

  • If all the three reviews of the manuscript are positive, a discussion is held at the Editorial Board meeting to recommend it for publication;
  • In case of remarks to the manuscript the remarks without reviewer names  are sent to the author(s) for revision ;
  • if there is at least one negative review of the manuscript, it is considered at the Editorial Board meeting, and another reviewer may be appointed.

The final decision on publication of the manuscript is made only by the Editorial Board of the "Problems of Informatics".Journal


The Editorial Board accepts for consideration manuscripts in electronic form (the source file in LaTex, article style (/documentclass[a4paper,12pt,russian]{article}) , and the file in PDF  with original figures in the format of the programs in which they were made, in separate files).

Files containing text, illustrations, and additional materials can be sent to the email address

Files archived by the ZIP/7Z or RAR archivers are accepted; self-extracting archives are not allowed.

Inform the Editorial Board in the text of the email if resubmitting materials or additions or corrections to the initial text are submitted.

Submitting a paper(s) to the journal, the (co)author(s) transfer(s) to the publisher at no cost, for the term of the copyright under the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the exclusive right to use the paper(s) (if the Editorial Board of the Journal accepts it (them) for publication) or a separate part thereof in the territories of all states where the copyrights are protected according to the international agreements of the Russian Federation, including the rights to reproduce, distribute, use for public display, make universally known, translate into foreign languages, and rework (and the exclusive right to use the product translated and (or) reworked by the above methods), to confer all these rights to other persons.

The journal "Problems of Informatics" is a non-commercial publication. The publication of papers is free for the authors.

Please attach to the article:

- permission for publication by the Expert Council of the organization in which the work was performed (for authors from Russia);

portrait photos of the authors with a resolution of not less than 300 dpi.

please send information blocks in Russian and English in separate files:

  • title of the paper;
  • initials and surnames of the authors;
  • affiliations of the authors: full name of the organization, postal code, city, country;
  • UDC classification code(s);
  • abstract with brief problem statement and description of the method of solution: in Russian (not more than 1000 characters), in English (extended abstract of 4,000 - 8,000 characters), which meets the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission and Scopus.
  • keywords;
  •  references prepared according to GOST R 7.0.5—2008 (in the English version, transliterate non-English references according to GOST R 7.0.34-2014) arranged in the order in which they are mentioned in text;
  • Brief biographies (CVs) of the authors with key scientific achievements (including the academic degree, academic title (if available); main scientific interests and results, affiliation, position, contact details: postal address with postal code, email address, and contact phone number).

Preparation of the manuscript

1.  Arrange the article material in the following order:

• title of the manuscript in English;

  • initials and surname(s) of the author(s) in English;
  • affiliation(s) of the author(s) in English: full name of the organization, postal code, city, country;
  • abstract in English;
  • keywords in English;
  • references + transliterated non-English references;
  • title of the manuscript in Russian;
  • initials and surname(s) of the author(s) in Russian;
  • affiliation(s) of the author(s) in Russian: full name of the organization, postal code, city, country;
  • UDC;
  • abstract in Russian;
  • keywords in Russian (not more than 8);
  • text of the manuscript;
  • list of references prepared according to GOST;
  • Brief biographies (CVs) of the authors in English and Russian with key scientific achievements (academic degree, academic title (if available), affiliation, position, contact details: postal address with postal code, email address, and contact phone number), main scientific interests and results).

2. Requirements on formulas:

Use continuous numbering of formulas, center formulas that are not in the text line, and flush right numbers.

3. Requirements on figures:

Send files with figures separately in the format of the programs in which they were made: in MS Excel format (for plots and diagrams), eps, pdf, png, tiff, bmp, or jpeg (with maximum quality).

Place figures with captions in the text.

Use Times New Roman for text in the figure.

The resolution of photos must be not less than 300 dpi.

4. Additional requirements:

The text of the manuscript must include references to figures and tables, as well as figure captions and table headings. All letter symbols in figures must be explained in the main text or in the captions.

  • Abbreviations of words are not allowed (except for generally accepted ones).
  • Vector variables must be in bold font without italics.
  •  Tables must not be cumbersome. Values ​​of physical quantities in tables, plots, and text must be in SI units of measurement.
  •  In case of several plots in a figure, individual parts in figures, nodes and lines in diagrams must be denoted by italicized numbers.
  • Number only those formulas and equations that are referenced in text, use continuous numbering.
  • Place references in text in square brackets.
  • Cite foreign references in original language.
  • References to unpublished works are not allowed.
  • All articles published in the journal "Problems of Informatics" are available at  and at in the "Archive" one year after their publication.



Editorial board of the scientific journal carries out its activities in accordance with international ethical rules of scientific publications as detailed by the Committee on the Ethics of Scientific Publications (Committee on Publication Ethics), based on the control of publications placement process as well as on minimization of the risks of unfair practices related to the publication of works.

Ethical principles of the author while manuscript submission

The author, who presented the manuscript for publication, shall be guided by the following principles:

  • the works submitted must include credible research results;
  • the authors must provide original materials borrowed parts require mandatory reference to the source; it is not allowed to have unformed quotations presence of a significant percentage of loans in the scientific work is unacceptable, as well as complete plagiarism;
  • an important condition is the designation in the article of all the persons who contributed to the development of the research topic;
  • it is unacceptable to submit a manuscript that was already placed in the third-party journal or being on consideration for publication;
  • in case of detection of inaccuracies or errors in the work it is necessary to inform about timely about this fact the editorial board.

Ethical principles in the activity of the reviewer

Reviewer's activity occupies a significant place in the course of the examination of academic works, whereby unconditional compliance with the following principles is provided:

  • the reviewer who is aware of insufficient level of his qualifications for consideration of a specific study materials or having doubts about the timeliness of reviewing, should warn the editors in advance;
  • the reviewer agrees to act in accordance with confidentiality terms, which do not allow to transfer the work for review or discussion to the third parties who do not obtain proper authorities;
  • unpublished articles are not valid for personal use without the prior written consent of the author;
  • when similarities of research with existing similar works are detected the reviewer shall immediately inform the editors;
  • reviewing of scientific work should be impartial and objective, comments set forth reasonably. It is strictly forbidden to use personal criticism of the author.

Proffessional ethics of editor and publisher

editorial house is responsible for the placement within the journal of author's works, and therefore adheres to the following principles:

  • in the matter of admission of the work to be published editing house is based on the reliability of the material presented in the article, as well as its scientific significance;
  • editorial house should not publish the articles that are partially or totally plagiarized;
  • editorial house should not publish the articles that contain discriminate on race, sex, religion, origin, nationality and political beliefs;
  • editorial house guarantees the confidentiality of unpublished material sent for consideration;
  • editorial house is obliged to participate in the emerging conflicts and to take measures for their resolution.